Why Xbox Series X is Better Than PS5

There are many reasons why the Xbox series X is better than the Playstation, but the new generation for gaming is going to change everything. 

The Xbox is backward compatible and has more storage than the Playstation. The Playstation is also backward compatible, but the Xbox can play games from the Xbox360 and the original Xbox One. The PS5 can only play games from the PS4 and PS3. The PS5 can only hold 825 GB SSD and external storage while the Xbox has 1 TB and external storage as well. The Xbox storage is a big factor; it can have many games installed plus extra stuff that is in an area almost like the cloud. 

Playstation has really been focusing on the gaming part while Xbox has been focusing on the physical game console. While the Playstation has AMD’s RDNA2 (what makes the grapics look so good), which can load the game faster, the console may not be able to keep up with this.  The Xbox doesn’t have an awesome GPU, but it still supports 4k and still has awesome graphics. The PS5 is trying to release exclusive games with the release of the console to up sales, and they are also releasing two models of the PS5. While the Xbox is also releasing two versions of the console, they only have three exclusive games coming out while Playstation is releasing five. Both consoles have two versions coming out, but the PS5 digital edition is 100 dollars less than the PS5. The Xbox and PS5 are both $499, but the PS5 digital edition is $399 and the Xbox series S is $299. 

The Xbox may sell more because of the price but that’s not all. The PS5 has a brand new controller design while the Xbox has the same version just modified. The PS5 controller is dual sense, which means that the controller is more connected to the game and you can feel the game more. The Xbox controller is more like the elite controller. They both come with a headset, but the PS5 comes with a remote and sound bar if you buy the PS5, not the digital version. 

They are both very similar but I use my Xbox for more than just playing games. If you’re just using it for games only, then I would see why you would buy a PS5. When I was on Playstation, I would always have to uninstall a game to install a game. 

But, if you’re like me and use your console for more than games, then I would recommend the Xbox. I’m here to tell you that the Xbox is better than the overhyped PS5. People who played Playstation before Xbox may feel scared to switch or make new friends, but it’s all in their heads. When I made the switch, my other friends that I never played with were on Xbox and I have had just as much fun, if not more, on Xbox. Yes, every once in a while I get booted offline by toxic people, but that’s what makes it fun. I personally am probably going to buy an Xbox only because it’s backward compatible and I want to play Black Ops Zombies and because it has that 1 TB so I can download every game I want and still have more space. When I was on Playstation, I would always have to uninstall a game to install a game. I would recommend the Xbox, but you’re the one spending the money.

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