Inspiring Words to get you through this pandemic

Due to Covid, life has become very dark and difficult for many. However, it’s important to remember that life will get better and that you just have to keep moving forward. For most of us, a lot of things have changed in our lives due to the pandemic. Some of the changes that we’ve all faced are attending school virtually, wearing masks every time we go somewhere, and the constant fear of death if we were to get Covid. Living during these times is very scary and can sometimes seem worthless. That’s why it’s important to have people like Deborah Tremble, who show that we have to continue working and fighting for our lives because better days are just around the corner. 

Deborah Tremble is a portfolio administrator at EagleBank, which is a small community bank. On most Sundays, she is an usher at Saint John United Baptist Church. She has one son and three grandchildren. In the limited free time that she has, Ms. Tremble spends it reading. Although Ms. Tremble now works at a bank, she wanted to be a nurse when she was growing up. “I wanted to be a nurse, but once I realized that I couldn’t stand the sight of blood- I couldn’t even get a splinter out of my own son’s hand…I realized that nursing wasn’t for me.” After she realized that her future was probably not in the medical field, she pursued a different interest in banking. “…I loved numbers and I also liked working with people. So by being in the banking industry not only did I get to work with numbers and figures, I also got to work and interact with the clients. That’s my favorite part.” 

Now surely, she must’ve had regrets about not pursuing her original plan of nursing, but to much surprise, she didn’t. “…I have no regrets of not being a nurse because even though I’m not professionally a nurse, I do love children so I get to take care of them and love them … so I realized that just because you’re not a professional nurse does not mean you cannot help people and I always enjoy helping people.” Ms. Tremble’s love for helping others inspired me. It was wonderful to see how passionate she was about helping anybody and everybody. Usually, you don’t meet people who are as passionate as she is about others. Ms. Tremble said that during this pandemic, she misses holding people’s hands and seeing people face to face since quarantine started. “But it also has put a dampener on relationships … because talking on the phone and face timing is all well and good, but you don’t have the same interaction as when you see them and you hold their hand or you look into their eyes… So you kinda miss all of that.” 

Ms. Tremble was very grateful for a lot of things during this pandemic “… I thank God that none of my immediate family have suffered really bad with the pandemic. I thank God for a job that has allowed me to continually get paid, have my benefits, and work from home so that I can stay safe.” Ms. Tremble offers a great example of how important it is for us to be grateful during these trying times. 

The mottos that someone lives by are often a great way to see the type of person they are. “I always trust in God, I pray, I try to treat others as I wanted to be treated. I don’t linger on things when I feel that I’m wrong and I know… I’m right and God knows I’m right. I just brush it off and keep going. Because if I linger on the things that man or woman said about me, then I probably would be depressed a lot. I don’t let that bother me and I keep going. I know where my faith is in God.” Ms. Tremble knows how to spend her time on what’s worth it and not small things that won’t matter in the future. These words may help you when you get into an argument with someone, it will remind you to keep moving forward and to keep things in perspective. 

I hope these words from the lovely Deborah Tremble keep you motivated during this challenging time as they have for me.

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