Class of 2021 Senior Superlatives

Class Clown

Derson Gilson

Camryn Resse


Most Athletic 

Baidy Ba

Ella Novak 

Most Likely to Succeed 

Eduardo Marin 

Ella Harris 

Best Smile

Trokon Anderson

Jordan Dumas 

Dynamic Duo 

Alexie and Alana Opperman 

Best Dressed 

Tyson Fisk 

Jade Bangoura 

Most Changed 

Joel Pazin 

Abby Harwood 

Most Likely to Teach at OMHS

Kaleb Tucker

Katie Baron 

Most Spirited 

Jonathan Andrade 

Faith Highland 

Most Likely to Become President 

Eduardo Marin 

Ella Harris

Best Singing Voice 

Jonathan Andrade 

Jordan Dumas

Prettiest Eyes

Keshawn Epps 

Jade Bangoura 

Hardest Worker

Eduardo Marin 

Ella Harris 

Most Likely to Become Famous 

Tyson Fisk 

Jordan Dumas


Joel Paizen 

Nile Rankin-Watson 

Cutest Couple 

Andrew Thalasinos and Samantha Mosley

Worst Senioritis 

Flavio Martinez 

Hillary Nguyen

Most Outgoing 

Lyle Henderson

Jordan Dumas 

Most Quiet 

Shilo Gordon 

Emily Scensny 

Most Involved 

Jonathan Andrade 

Jordan Dumas

Best Hair

Jaeden Henry

Foster Johnson-Lewis

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