The New Health Teacher in Town, Ms. Hinz!

Meet the newest addition to the OM staff, Ms. Hinz. The first year teacher has joined the health team, and can be found in room 608. 

Ms. Hinz stated that she has wanted to be a teacher since the 10th grade, after one of her teachers made a big influence on her. She started out at CCBC where she got her associates degree. She then attended UMBC for an English Literature Bachelor’s Degree, and stayed for her Masters in ESOL. 

She stated that she has wanted to be a teacher for some time now, but a health teacher at Oakland Mills High School was not exactly what she was expecting. She said that she wanted to teach abroad in Korea, focusing on teaching language. Her internship had her starting out teaching ESOL last year as Oakland Mills, but she ended up filling in for Mrs. Nelson, the former health teacher, as a long term substitute. When a spot opened up for a permanent health teacher, Ms. Hinz jumped on the opportunity. 

 She said that her biggest reason for staying was for the students and the community, saying “Oakland Mills in general, it’s a nice community. Everybody seems very connected, willing to help each other out.” She feels that Oakland Mills is one of the best places to be, and she just couldn’t leave. 

Ms. Hinz also helps coach the field hockey team, but it is not an official position, she just does it for the students. “Even though it’s not an official thing, it’s still nice to go out. The girls like the extra support,” she said. “It builds more community.” She played field hockey in high school, and wanted to go out and help the team. Many of the field hockey players talk of her highly as well. “I love Ms. Hinz” says one of the field hockey players “She pushes the team.” When asked, she also said that she would consider being an official coach as well.

Ms. Hinz also puts an emphasis on treating all of her students like equals, and wants to be a teacher her students can come to and relate to. “Yes I’m the teacher, and yes you’re a student, but we’re all people, and I’m going to treat you like a person.” We are very lucky to welcome Ms. Hinz back to our cOMmunity. 

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