How Does A Walrus End Up in Ireland?

Daylight Savings Time generally messes with people’s schedules, and the animal kingdom is no exception. A family in Wales, United Kingdom were going on a Sunday stroll when they had to take a double take at the sight of a walrus. Scientists predict that the walrus had fallen asleep on an iceberg from the Arctic that parted from its mainland shore around Friday night, and … Continue reading How Does A Walrus End Up in Ireland?

New Species of Animals Discovered

From a shark that glows to a crustacean that was named after a fruit, 2021 has already had many great animal discoveries this year. Scientists have made new discoveries through paleontology, as well as deep-diving research. From high to low, from fast to slow, these are the newest discoveries of the 2021 animal kingdom.  First off, we have one of the most recent discoveries of … Continue reading New Species of Animals Discovered

The Diversity Of the BSAP Liason

Mr. Brian Ringgold is the current BSAP (Black Student Achievement Program) Liaison for Oakland Mills High School. He had previously worked at Wilde Lake High School until 2016 but then moved to Oakland Mills where he still is today. He’s liked by all of the students and is a big activist and advocate for change and equality. Mr. Ringgold plays a major role in the … Continue reading The Diversity Of the BSAP Liason