Movies Releasing In 2021

Thunder Force (April 9, 2021) PG-13 Netflix Original — Action Adventure Lydia reunites with her best friend Emily at her lab where she develops a genetic platform that allows ordinary people superpowers, but Lydia is curious about her lab and starts messing with her lab equipment after being told not to. She then goes to sit down but is bounded down to the chair and … Continue reading Movies Releasing In 2021

Meet Ms. Murphy

Ms. Murphy is one of the  Art Teachers at OMHS; she is positive, humble, and introspective. “Anything that has ever challenged me or forced change upon me has only made me stronger and wiser,” she says. Ms. Murphy’s spirit animal is a rabbit because she considers herself to be a quiet and independent observer of life. Ms. Murphy attended Towson University for her undergraduate degree … Continue reading Meet Ms. Murphy