Act: Pandemic, Scene: Film Production, Action? By Aaron Watts

With the spread of the Covid-19 virus, various jobs were forced to close down to prevent the spread of the virus. The ramifications from this protective measure was that many people had to struggle economically for months. Though many industries were hit hard due to quarantine, few were damaged as much as the entertainment industry. Movies theatres are closed down, TV channels are showing reruns, and everyone’s favorite shows either have an inconclusive end or are unable to start. But let’s have a look at what goes on behind the scenes.

Of all the industries, the film industry is particularly vulnerable to the outbreak due to the fact that its production and consumption of its output require large groups of individuals working together in confined spaces. Not to mention employees often have to travel between film sets in various countries around the world to produce films. Unfortunately, such activities put those workers at risk of being infected by the virus. Since there weren’t any feasible ways of working from home while working on a film shoot, many actors, cinematographers, and editors have already lost or are at risk of losing their jobs, temporarily or permanently. Even with some theatres reopening soon, the entire industry is on hold with most major productions shut down due to the pandemic. However, the situation isn’t hopeless. According to Mr. Williams, English teacher at OM, “Movie theaters are going to have to think drastically different about their role if they want to remain in business.  I believe that the time of the megaplexes with 20+ screens is likely over, but I think that in its place you can see a rise in more premium offerings.” Those words couldn’t be any truer, as studios had been embracing the digital distribution models, primarily as streaming services, since before the pandemic.

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