Domestic Food Shortage by Sadman Hassan

As Covid-19 still spreads through the United States and the quarantine keeps being extended, many industries have taken a hard blow. From restaurants to oil, the Coronavirus has caused a very different recession in the country. The newest industry to be affected is unfortunately meat processing plants. In the United States, approximately 5,000 meat processing workers have caught Covid-19 according to the CDC. Most workers have to work right next to each other and don’t have the necessary equipment to protect themselves. Due to such risks for the workers, meat processing plants across the U.S. have had to shut down, which lead to less meat on shelves at grocery stores. Farmers who can not send their foods to meat processing plants, restaurants, schools, and workplaces have had to find ways to discard them leading to increased food waste and the euthanization of livestock that cannot be supported. During this, the prices of pork increased by as much as 30 percent during a time in which most Americans have lost a stable source of income. President Trump has used the Defense Production Act to order the meat processing plants to stay open during the pandemic in order to prevent a meat shortage, and some of the plants have new guidelines to ensure worker safety; however, critics have stated that the order puts the workers in harm’s way.

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