“Where I’m From” By Marita Asamoah (Grade 12)

“Where I’m From” by Marita Asamoah

[1] I am from Cast iron pots 

[2] from fufu and yams

[3] I am from the Great large buildings and laid tiles Beautiful and grand

[4] it felt like my personal castle

[5] I am from the Cocoa 

[6] the palm trees with its vast and wide leaves open like the arms of a loving mother 

[7] I’m from the Efutu festivals and backyard parties 

[8] from Asamoah and Ofosus

[9] I’m from the loud and carefree but extremely scrutinizing.

[10] From the cross your legs and if you don’t know how to cook you won’t get a husband 

[11] I’m from the church and the Holy communion

[12]  I’m from Nzema Yams and plantains

[13] From the consistent partying and drinking of alcohol to celebrate a victory.

[14] the Absence of affection and the secrets  

 [15] I am from Ghana West Africa, The Motherland, The Gold Coast.

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