Top Ten Best Old Disney Channel Songs

Disney Channel was a big part of most kids’ childhood, the theme songs from said shows will be stuck in our memories for years. For the sake of nostalgia, here are the Top Ten Best Old Disney Channel Themes Songs:

10.  Good Luck Charlie

Now don’t get me wrong it’s a really good theme song but it lacks the wow factor that other shows have. This one can get kind of boring. It doesn’t really make me want to get up and vibe with it. At the most, maybe a head bob or some lip-syncing. In a show about a family of six and all of their personal and group adventures, you’d expect more. The theme song should be fun and give you a small taste of what the show is like, but this theme song would make you think the show was bland when it’s nowhere close.

9. Suite Life Of Zack and Cody

In a show about twin boys living in a hotel and having countless adventures with their friends, you’d think the theme song would match that energy but sadly, no. It was a good song and was pretty fun, but it wasn’t enough. The song was catchy, but that’s all it is, catchy. It doesn’t make someone want to continue watching.

8. Sonny With A Chance

This theme song was really good for its time. It really showed off some of the power in Sonny’s voice and it really fit the vibe of the show. In my opinion, the opening credits were better than the actual song itself. It had a lot of potential and it was a really good song, but it just didn’t compare to some of the others.

7. Austin and Ally

The song is really energetic and upbeat and it really fits the show well. The song was good, it just wasn’t anything special. The theme song was made to be one of Austin Moon’s songs, but that’s all the more reason for the song to be better and grab your attention. The theme song is also kind of predictable for a show about a teen pop-star and his friends. The show is more recent than the others and because of that, I expected more from it.

6. Shake it Up

This theme song probably fits its show the best out of all of the others. It’s super upbeat and makes you want to get up and dance around. Even though it’s really good, it’s what you would expect from a show about teenagers dancing on national television and still managing to maintain school and family.

5. Wizards of Waverly Place

This was a really good theme song for its time. It really matched the “wizard” theme of the show. The lyrics, the vocals, and the actual music work together well to make this spooky vibe for the theme song. It was super catchy and really compliments the show. It really could have ranked high, but some of the other songs were simply better.

4. Hannah Montana

With this theme song you’d probably think it wouldn’t get a high rating because the show is about a girl living a double life as a regular teenage girl and a pop-star and the theme song doesn’t match. While that is correct, this theme song gets number 4 because even as a pop star, Miley Stuart, is still really chill and down to earth and she manages to show that with this theme song. Maybe I’m just biased, which I am, but the “Hannah Montana” theme song deserves number 4 even if it does have similar aspects to some of the songs lower on the list. Either way, it’s a good song with that pop star/ country girl feel.

3. Corey in the House

This song is super fun and it matches the personality of Corey as he deals with the changes in his life as he moves into The White House. It also corresponds with the friends he makes at the private school he goes to because of his father’s new status. Even though they go to this prestigious school for the kids of all of these powerful people, they manage to have fun and still be kids which is what the theme song expresses. The theme song had a very prominent hip-hop aspect to it much like its predecessor, “That’s So Raven.” Most Disney theme songs are more like pop songs and that’s why this theme song really stands out to me. 

2. Kim Possible

This theme song is perfect for the show. It shows how Kim can be both a villain-stopping hero and a teenage girl dealing with the pressure of school and social life. The song mentions how she’s always a supporting friend and a helpful hero all while being super catchy and fun. Besides being good for the show, it’s really good on its own. Without fail, this theme song pops up in my head all the time and has for years now – it’s just that good.

1. That’s So Raven

This theme song is so good, even to this day I can sing along to every word on repeat and not get tired of it. It was 100% way ahead of its time for a show that came out in 2003, and I have yet to hear a theme song better than this one. It has more of a hip-hop vibe which is something new that Disney rarely does. I also have reason to believe that every Disney theme song that does have a hip-hop aspect to it was inspired by “That’s So Raven.” This show was the blueprint, it shaped my childhood and many others with just the theme song by itself.

Honorable Mentions: Phineas and Ferb, Jonas, and Suite Life on Deck.

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