How to Organize Homework

Summer is almost here and we are in the last quarter, so turning in work may seem like a hassle. Setting up ways to turn in homework may be a solution to that problem. Organizing homework is one of the best things you can do for yourself to avoid stress. Organization allows you to stay on top of your work and get it all done in a timely manner.

The first step is to get a planner or something to write all your homework assignments in. I suggest investing in a planner or making a Google doc so you don’t lose where you left off. Keeping this with you when you’re in school is important, so when you get a new homework assignment, you will be able to easily write it down. You should put next to the assignment name the date it’s due which will help you not forget.

The second step is to set a schedule that works best for you. Setting a schedule will help you be more organized and keep up to date on your assignments. Set aside a time that you know you will be able to get said assignment done. When you do this, you won’t be as overwhelmed since you did separate assignments at different times and not all at once. 

The third step is setting alarms and timers. It is easy to forget your responsibilities when you have no one reminding you. Alarms will help your schedule go accordingly since they will remind you to get the work done. Timers are good for taking breaks as well. 

15 minute breaks are great to relieve stress and after that, you will be ready to get back to work. Another tip is to set time limits, this also goes along with your schedule. How much time you want to put aside for an assignment is all up to you.

Summer is right around the corner, so keep putting forth an effort to take a good impression for the end of the school year.

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