He’s a Runner, He’s a Track Star – Meet Virginia Tech’s Newest Commit!

With the winter track season in full swing right now and the spring season right around the corner, lots of expectations are headed for the scorps. This is particularly the case for last year’s state champion Judson Lincoln. 

Lincoln realized that he could take track and field seriously around the 7th or 8th grade. At that age, he felt “I could be really good at this and take it to the next level.” He went to his first national championship in 9th grade, where he competed in the 400 meter race and the high jump. It was around this time he felt that he could be ready for the collegiate level. He knew that he would have to focus on his speed and skill level in order to be a serious competitor. In his sophomore year of high school, Lincoln transferred to OM from Wilde Lake High School for athletics. However, it wasn’t for track and field, it was for another sport: basketball. “It was tough leaving Wilde Lake. I went to Wilde Lake Middle. I played basketball in the winter and then ran track in the spring [for WLHS].” 

Lincoln continued that Wilde Lake was an environment where he made positive relationships with other students. Even with his close friends at Wilde Lake, switching schools was not too painful for Lincoln because he realized he could see his friends outside of school. He only knew a few people at Oakland Mills and was more worried about integrating into OM than leaving Wilde Lake. 

For this up and coming season, Lincoln, as well as everyone on the Oakland Mills track team, are looking to repeat as state champions this winter and spring.

During the winter season, Lincoln wants to beat Kyle Farmer’s 300 meter record which was 33.9 seconds – Lincoln most recently ran a 34.2 – and to get a personal best for the 500m and the 55m. He also expects to win a state championship in whatever distance he runs, and to win states for relay and individual races. 

For outdoor, Lincoln’s goal is to run the 100m in 10.6 seconds since he came in third this past season. Lincoln is also trying to help Oakland Mills win back-to-back-to-back state titles, which would be the first time in school history.

Judson Lincoln’s Signing Day at Oakland Mills High School

Although states are important, Lincoln’s priority is his future and where he wants to go for college. Lincoln used to regularly use social media to display the different colleges that he toured: Georgetown, Appalachian State, and Cincinnati. Lincoln finally settled on attending Virginia Tech because of their national ranking in Track and Field along with having some of the best facilities in the nation. After seeing the school’s atmosphere first hand and meeting both Coach Cianelli and Coach Vaught, it would only further solidify his decision. 

Lincoln only has another couple months with us here at OM, but hopefully will be able to bring us another state title.

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