College Athletes Paid to Play?

     College a wonderful place where young men and women start a new chapter in their lives. For five-star athletes this may now includes to get paid while in college. A recent bill was just passed in California that declares athletes can now be paid for the sale  of the jersey and for appearing in commercials.This is big because previously, college players couldn’t be paid for doing commercials or selling merchandise with their name on it. 

     But there is a catch to all of this: only athletes that play football and basketball are allowed to profit off of this bill. So soccer, golf, baseball, and other sports still have to follow the traditional rules, which means no ads or money for them. The actual effects of this bill won’t start until January 1, 2023. However, most people don’t like the idea of college athletes being paid. For instance, on the show First Take, Tim Tebow, a Hesiman winner in football, conveyed his disapproval, saying, “…because when I was at the University of Florida, I think my jersey was one of the top jerseys around the world … and I didn’t make a dollar from it, but nor did I want to. Because I knew, going into college, what it was all about.”  

     Some critics are also saying that this could affect how people might join teams based on how much money they can get for just joining a single team. Simply put, college athletes shouldn’t be paid. I believe players will start to sign with schools that will bring in more revenue and sponsorships. The actual sport wouldn’t come first; the money for the players would.

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