Meet Mr. Harrison – By: Adaeze Igwegbe and Laura Del Carmen

Think of works written by Shakespeare, Jane Austen, George Orwell, and many more, then connect them to the subject of English Literature. This distinct subject ranges from drama to poetry, and from fiction to autobiographies.  This worldly topic is soon to be taught in the classroom by no other than our newest teaching intern,  Mr. Kameron Harrison.

Mr. Harrison is one of the new OM teaching interns who will be working with the English teachers by assisting with their classes while learning about the classroom environment and student behavior himself. Although he never pictured himself to be a teacher, Mr. Harrison looks towards his college professor and his mentor, Mr. Williams, as a source of inspiration. He enjoys the process of engaging with students. 

Born and raised in Catonsville, Maryland, and soon to be a graduate of UMBC (the University of Maryland at Baltimore County), Mr. Harrison has chosen OM to be his next setting for his field of work. 

Growing up, Mr. Harrison had always been the athletic type. While attending high school, he used to compete in the sport of Cross Country. Nowadays, he also incorporates tennis into his schedule. From the age of nine, Mr. Harrison has also always had a love for playing the drums. He would often attend lessons that eventually led to him playing the drums so skillfully. 

Mr. Harisson also enjoys the 2005 animated series, “Avatar the Last Airbender,” and the 2017 Netflix series, “Ozark.” On a typical weekend, Mr. Harrison sometimes finds himself getting some school work done, hanging out with friends, playing his drums, or maybe stepping outside to engage himself with a game of tennis. His favorite authors include John Steinbeck, Jessie Redmon Fauset, and more. 

 Mr. Harrison’s words of advice to those who are struggling to find their true self or who are having difficulty finding out who they are is that “There is a world of people they can always talk to and reach out to. Everyone’s lost sometimes, and that happens to every single individual.  It is okay and to put their head down and just keep pushing through; if you don’t know the answers, be open, and have a conversation. The most important thing is communication. It is always best to talk to someone,” he said.   

And with that, we love to welcome Mr. Harrison with open arms and a warm smile (virtually, of course). We wish him well in his journey to becoming a teacher, and also wishing him a good last year at his university. Welcome hOMe, Mr. Harrison!

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