Give a Warm Welcome to Ms. Rosenberg!

By: Gabriela Sorto and Esmeralda Tovar-Puga

Meet Ms. Rosenberg, one of the wonderful new staff at Oakland Mills this year! She previously taught in Chesterfield, Virginia, and now teaches at OM! She came to OM wondering how it would feel like to teach older students since she used to teach middle schoolers. So far she loves this school, the students, and the energy here. Throughout Ms. Rosenberg’s 8 years of teaching, she’s taught environmental education and science. To Ms. Rosenberg, science is important along with the observations and the critical things that are done in a typical environmental science class. 

Ms. Rosenberg grew up in MD, which is nostalgic for her to come back. The change from the environment from Virginia and MD is different but she definitely does enjoy it. Some of Ms. Rosenberg’s goals for this year are to focus and settle in at Oakland Mills, get used to everything, and learn the names of colleges and students. Her main and most important goal is to promote environmental science more!

Ms. Rosenberg is inspired by a scientist who helped kick start the environmental movement! She wants to continue the movement so future generations can understand science and keep it important. She looks up to Ms. Doodigian as well because she has done a lot for the environmental program as well.

Ms. Rosenberg finds it hard when things get out of control. According to Ms. Rosenberg, the pros of teaching science are that there are hands-on labs. It gives her students a better understanding of what is going on and it engages them. Another pro is the ability for her and her students to build things. Some of the cons about teaching are trying to stay on top of things, getting things ready for the students before class, and getting the lab ready.

One of Ms. Rosenberg’s accomplishments in school was organizing field trips for the students. A milestone for her was getting more experience with handling and teaching upperclassmen in high school. There seems to be a lot of energy everywhere, a lot of lessons being created and taught, and being excited about what she is going to be teaching her students.

Her hobbies or interests are going outside, being with nature, playing a sport, or taking a hike somewhere. In addition to hiking, Ms. Rosenberg is very active and likes to play soccer or go on runs. Reading and cooking are also interests of hers.  

She wants her students to love learning about environmental science more and ask questions about it. She wants them to be engaged and wants science to feel relevant to their lives. OM has welcomed her so much and she loves how everyone comes together, especially since there are students all over the world showing their culture off. She loves how OM is able to celebrate their differences. We are glad that Ms. Rosenberg is enjoying OM so far! 

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